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Start Small.

Scale Smart.

Pico Logic combines Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and custom services to deliver people-focused, business-driven solutions.

Business Focused: Your digital transformation depends on a balance between your unique business goals, how your team works together and the future of work. We will guide you every step of the way as partners in your success.

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The Pico Logic team specializes in understanding how your business functions and provides the necessary services to create tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization. We partner with you to help identify:

  • Business drivers
  • Key success metrics
  • How your people work individually and collaboratively
  • Common and collaborative day-to-day work activities
  • Business context and processes

Pico Logic Solutions

Starting small allows us to design real-world, tailored M365 solutions and systems using Teams, SharePoint, and more that quickly deliver value for your business. Our technology and intranet solutions are built people-first so individuals can focus on their jobs vs. working at their job. From there, we are able to adapt and evolve these solutions to smartly scale with your future of work so your business can grow.

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People First

Being extremely customer- and end-user centric helps us improve efficiency, productivity, and team collaboration. 

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Future of Work

We take out-of-the-box features and deep business analysis to translate business needs into solutions that make sense now and in the future.

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Long-Term Relationships

We value people – the people we work with, the customers we serve, and the partners we collaborate with – and work to build ongoing relationships.

Our services: We delight customers!

A successful digital transformation involves integrating technologies and systems into your offerings, processes, and strategies to better serve your team and customers. We will help you to compete more effectively in today’s marketplace. 

Pico Logic’s services include:

  • M365 Collaboration Solutions
  • M365 Advising & Consulting
  • Teams Implementation and Adoption
  • SharePoint Development & Migration 
  • SharePoint Implementation 
  • SharePoint Administration 
  • Intranet Design & Implementation 
  • Digital Governance/Stewardship Coaching 
  • Training 
  • Support Services
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The Pico Way

In today’s digital workspace, people rely on multiple devices, tools, and resources to do their jobs effectively. We provide assessments and strategic planning to implement systems that integrate all these components, while solving your specific business challenges.

"I no longer have to think about how to do my work, I can just focus on doing the work."

Senior Director for a large life-sciences organization following an implementation of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online

About Pico Logic

Pico Logic is a technology and services consulting firm serving customers since 2007. We design and deploy custom intranet solutions, collaboration platforms, and more to companies of all sizes across a diverse range of industries using SharePoint, Teams, and other M365 tools and technologies.

Helping people through technology is a core belief for every one of our team members. We help bring positive change and efficiency to businesses, their teams and the individual contributor. 

At Pico Logic, we lead with our values. They guide our work and serve as a stronger compass than rigid process or methodology. 

These values lead us to make the following choices: 

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Our goal is to always be your trusted partner. Our core values—Partnership, Integrity, Expertise, and People—have guided us every step of the way for over 16 years, and reflect our commitment to driving positive transformations in businesses and communities alike.

Let's Talk. We can help.

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