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We are a trusted advisor to our customers. When our clients are happy – when our users are happy – then we are happy. And we like being happy.

Why we do it

We hate to see good people stuck with complicated and difficult to use tools. We believe in thinking outside of the box and challenging assumptions as a way to cut through the noise and separate true requirements from the fluff. 

Helping people through technology is a core belief for every one of our team members. 

At Pico Logic, we lead with our values. They guide our work and serve as a stronger compass than rigid process or methodology. 

Two people looking at a laptop

Scaling Smartly Together

We build close, long-lasting relationships with people at all levels across diverse organizations. This helps us see the big picture, discover new paths forward, and anticipate future challenges. 

Since 2007, Pico Logic has had the privilege to deliver small to multi-year projects for people in the following industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Non-profit
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing

"Pico's guidance has resulted in a solution that is much easier to use, easier to maintain, and is engaging for our users."

Senior Director for a large life-sciences organization following a redesign of an existing SharePoint solution

About the Pico Logic Team

Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, our team takes a white-glove approach to managing clients’ end-to-end experience. Our diverse set of skilled engineers and consultants bridge the divide between technical and non-technical individuals and get in front of potential risks, managing expectations, overseeing handoffs and more. 

Meet our team:

Daniel Bannon

Delivering cool M365 solutions! Project leadership, enthusiastic runner. “Do the Work!”

Britton Bigby
Britton Bigby

Mom to athletes, married 20+ yrs. Shutterbug, problem solver. Deliver value!


Myke Corley
Project Manager

Grateful hubby & dad! Thirst for knowledge. Avid golfer & music connoisseur

Jennifer Enloe

Devoted mom, making, painting, creating. Building solutions and Legos – brick by brick

Greg Frick
Senior Consultant

Whether Improv or M365 solutions: connecting, learning, and growing

Lexi Jordan
Lexi Jordan

US ARMY, VET (OIF/OEF) & in IT almost two decades #ILoveSharePoint

Erin Kester
Senior Consultant

Fine Art > Biology > Voracious Curiosity > M365 > Real-world solutions

Maddy LaCombe
Associate Consultant

Finance student curating curiosities and optimizing processes. #InnovateAndExcel

Glen Cooper
Founder and CEO

5 awesome kids, musician, avid podcast listener, love cooking and long walks on the beach (not the last part)

Malia Fazzio
Business Operations

Family, Travel, Working with great people, Order out of chaos


Pico is committed to giving back to our community. Beyond ensuring our clients realize their goals, Pico is committed to making a positive impact on society and helping people and communities thrive. Pico donates 1% of annual gross revenue to charitable organizations each year and values organizations that demonstrate positive impact and change. Below are some of the organizations Pico supports.

A child’s first encounter with the foster care system is too often traumatic and confusing. We’ve stepped in to change this by building a welcoming place where kids can feel safe and have access to the services they need.

Their Mission to provide Black girls access to engaging computer programming education that sparts their interest in technology, unlocks their potential, and leads to more equitable communities.

The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

Empower people and culture towards racial healing, equity and reconciliation

Wa Na Wari creates space for Black ownership, possibility, & belonging through art, historic preservation, & connection 

The LaHaunn Moore Hope Scholarship Fund seeks to honor Chief Moore’s values of service and leadership and to inspire students as they achieve goals of higher education and community service. 

Every member of our team exhibits our values, and it shows in our relationships with each other, our clients, our partners, and our community.

Let's Talk. We can help.

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