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Pico Logic combines Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and custom services to deliver people-focused, business-driven solutions.

We believe in deep collaboration that clarifies complexity,
fosters adoption, and meets your business needs.

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People First

Our customer- and end-user-centric approach places the people using the technology first. At Pico Logic, we conduct assessments, provide strategic planning and develop solutions tailored to meet the needs of your team. Our approach results in a cohesive ecosystem allowing your users and business to thrive.

Built with Intention

Pico Logic’s solutions are people-first and business-centered. The core of our digital transformation solutions focus on ensuring longevity, maintainability, and room to grow. We focus not only on your current business requirements but your scalability over time.

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Discovering the "Why"

Discovering the “why” behind every technology goal comes with getting to know your company and its people.

We combine this with our deep knowledge of Microsoft 365, change management and training to distill and translate all the variables into a solid business-driven foundation on the right platform.

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Interact and Collaborate

Through direct interactive and ongoing collaboration, we listen to our customers’ objectives and challenges across every level and observe the business at work.

This ensures we develop adoptable systems with the tools people need to work effectively within their own personal work style to deliver value.

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Scalability and Adaptability

We customize our methodology to identify and support what makes your organization unique.

This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 across multiple industries, gives us the insights to deliver scalable solutions that grow with you.

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"I thought it was going to be Armageddon, but this launch has been incredibly smooth and successful"

Director for a large Government agency following a migration of 400+ SharePoint sites to the cloud

How We Get There

It’s not that Pico Logic is special – well, we may be. We build solutions that are scalable, adoptable and maintainable. We solve ongoing collaboration problems that end users can’t always anticipate. We bring the following areas of focus to every engagement which has shown to produce solid solutions, increased adoption, and scalability over time.

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Align structure to business needs; work themes, content sensitivity, and sharing patterns.

Employ effective change management; develop and test process mapping; define good practices for working with the digital toolset.
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Ensure baseline skills for all participants; train in best practices, including site admins and roles with specific needs. 

Our mission is to transform businesses by creating simple, sustainable solutions that put people's needs ahead of technological demands, creating sustainable growth and genuine user happiness.

Let's Talk. We can help.

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